NeuroTrax partners with DriveAble

NeuroTrax and DriveABLE join forces to redefine cognitive assessments

Medina, NY – NeuroTrax Corporation (“NeuroTrax”) is pleased to announce its partnership with DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. (“DriveABLE”) to bring a comprehensive suite of cognitive assessment tools to the healthcare community.

With an aging baby boomer population and multiple medical conditions impacting cognitive ability, the need for general, as well as specialized cognitive assessment tools, is growing. NeuroTrax and DriveABLE, with over 30 years of combined experience in cognitive assessment, identified this growing need and have worked together to provide a continuum of service for multi-domain general cognitive testing (NeuroTrax) and specialized driver-risk assessment (DriveABLE).

Physicians can begin by evaluating cognitive function and then choose to follow up with a driving-specific assessment. All assessments are reimbursable through existing CPT Procedure codes, which provide a significantly increased financial benefit and overall value proposition to the physician and his/her practice.

Dr. Robert Bashuk, a neurologist and managing partner of NorthWest Neurology PC in Marietta, Georgia, has been using the suite of tools offered by NeuroTrax and DriveABLE as a use case and has seen significant value, both in what he can offer his patients and the financial reward to the practice.

“I take care of hundreds of patients with cognitive impairment: TBI, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, sleep apnea, chronic pain, MS etc.  If they are driving or want to return to driving, then we do NeuroTrax and a DriveABLE assessment. If they do not drive, then we only do the NeuroTrax. All 5 of our doctors within our practice follow this protocol. In 2015 we did approximately 1200 NeuroTrax and 500 DriveABLE assessments. I get reimbursed for use of both products. It is a significant financial benefit, and I would recommend this combination to any physician to use.”

NeuroTrax’s CEO, Jeff Atkinson, believes that the partnership with DriveABLE will meet a critical need in healthcare. “We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the suite of tools available to our customers to provide the best comprehensive care for their patients. Through customers like Dr. Bashuk, the NeuroTrax and DriveABLE combination has proven to be a strong suite of cognitive assessment tools that will enhance any practice.  NeuroTrax is pleased to be offering DriveABLE along with our NeuroTrax products.”

About NeuroTrax

NeuroTrax was founded in 2000 by a multi-disciplinary team including a US board-certified neurologist. The company develops innovative computerized cognitive tests used by medical professionals for clinical decision support.

Our reimbursable SaaS cloud solutions objectively measure memory and thinking in patients with various neurological disorders.  The software serves as a trusted clinical decision support solution aiding in the assessment and benchmarking of cognitive impairment. Scientific credibility has been established with 130 peer-reviewed articles.  With over 220,000 testing sessions administered, NeuroTrax's customer base includes over 400 clients with a 95% year-over-year renewal rate.

The company is working to promote brain wellness through better access to scientific testing, objective and clear reporting, and evidence-based recommendations.

NeuroTrax strives to empower patients and their families, clinicians, and researchers with innovative science for brain health.

About DriveABLE

At DriveABLE, we combine cutting-edge technology with proven research to deliver cognitive driver assessment tools for the medical community, governments, insurers, and commercial fleets. Our solutions help identify if medications or medical conditions have affected a person’s ability to drive.

DriveABLE has been providing driver risk assessments for over 15 years, and our products are licensed and distributed across North America, New Zealand and South Korea. It is our goal to protect competent drivers, accurately identify cognitively unsafe drivers, and to help improve safety on our roads.


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