BrainCare Tests

BrainCare Tests

A battery of tests to determine brain fitness

At its core, BrainCare is about measuring and promoting brain fitness.  In order to measure each patient’s brain wellness, BrainCare applies a battery of tests, which map patient capabilities and results across seven cognitive areas:

• Memory
• Executive function
• Attention
• Visual spatial
• Verbal function
• Problem solving
• Working memory

More information about what we assess can be found on the “What We Measure” page. 

What is the client’s experience like?
BrainCare testing is very user-friendly and requires little orientation. Although the testing is performed on a computer, it does not require the client to know how to use one. Testing times typically range from 45-60 minutes, depending on the patient’s age.  

How exactly does BrainCare measure brain wellness?

BrainCare assesses the client’s brain wellness by precisely measuring the patient’s performance on a series of interactive tests – measuring both accuracy and response time. Test results are compared to previous data from the same patient and performance data from that of a “normative” peer group (i.e., age and education appropriate).  The result is a profile of cognitive areas that are ‘strong’ and those that are relatively ‘weak’.  The relatively weak areas are the ones that should be targets for exercises that can be done at home.

Test results are delivered within easy-to-read graphical reports.

"It offers concrete data that can help identify which spheres of cognition are being affected."

“Allows easier access to cognitive assessments with good efficacy in a reasonable time frame."

“Longitudinal follow up with repeat testing sessions is also one of its strengths.”

“It's a peer-reviewed test that provides results that can be used to help improve care.”

“It allows for numeric and graphic comparisons both to 'normal' scores and also previous tests of same individual.”

“It lends the examiner credence when showing the results "in black and white.”

“Allows a more objective cognitive assessment and the results are often not obvious on interview.”

“This is a valuable tool that gives insight into current cognitive levels."

“Results are immediately available and the data can be instantly absorbed."

“People of a wide age range are able to perform this test with minimal to no computer knowledge.”

“… people appreciate having a time-efficient method of evaluating their cognition.”

“It's a convenient, on-site tool that provides a snapshot with a fair level of detail pertaining to one's cognitive abilities.”

“Provides a convenient, objective, cognitive assessment at low cost.”

“It is easy to use - it can be very time savvy”

“A more objective assessment of cognitive function”

“Good tool for establishing a baseline and tracking progress.”

“It creates an objective report.”

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