NeuroTraxTM - Innovative Science for Brain Health
A new way to monitor and manage your brain fitness
Evidence-based Recommendations
Helping to address patient-specific needs
NeuroTraxTM - Innovative Science for Brain Health
Research-backed tests
Objective, computerized test across seven cognitive areas

What We Measure

BrainCareTM, from NeuroTrax, gives people a clear “snapshot” of their brain fitness.

Who We Serve

BrainCareTM helps clinicians, patients & families, and researchers. It increases satisfaction in a variety of ways.

Why It's Better

BrainCareTM facilitates better monitoring and recommendations.


BrainCareTM Tests

A battery of tests to determine brain fitness. At its core, BrainCareTM is about measuring and promoting brain fitness

Graphical Reports

Easily understood results & reports that graphically depict patient baselines and progress

Evidence-based Recommendations

Personalized activity & brain training recommendations to help address patient-specific needs

How It Works

An integrated software suite for testing, reporting and recommendations



New computerized testing solution from NeuroTrax promotes brain wellness after stroke and traumatic brain injury.​

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